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One hundred years ago the floral field was a rather modest business where local growers brought their flowers to large cities, for floral retailers to purchase and resell.

Today, the floral industry in the 21st Century is big business! In fact, the retail floral industry in the US is now moving approximately 12 billion dollars worth of flowers per year---That is a lot of floral product to be sold!!!!

Flowers are brought into our markets from the four corners of the earth. It is not unusual for the typical florist to be selling flowers from California, Florida, Hawaii, Holland, Israel, Thailand, Australia, Central and South America. Flowers are transported throughout the world quite literally by the ton!!! Click here for complete article

Allied Professionals find that easily acquired floral art skills can enhance their abilities and actually increase their earning potential in their chosen fields..... For example here are but a few of the allied fields that have been represented in our classes......

Interior Decorator
Funeral Director
Wedding Fashion
Cake Decorator
Floral Wholesaler
Gift Shop Owner
Limosine Rental
Balloon Artist
Graphic Artist
Jewelry Maker
Visual Artist
Window Display Professional
Floral Street Vendor
Convenience Store Owner
These people know that by adding floral products and services to their current business that they can make more money!!

And let's not forget that every year we also have folks from flower shops taking our courses so that they will be more effective and competitive in their jobs.....

Floral Designing, the now profession

There is strong demand for floral products & services..... Flowers & their design are in strong demand for life cycle events such as funerals & weddings and are important gift items for holidays such as Valentines Day, & Mothers Day. Florists carry all kinds of allied items such as dried & silk materials, gift baskets, stuffed toys & balloon products.
Smart people today are using easy to acquire floral designing skills to make more money and to enhance their lives. Compared to other fields, a relatively small amount of capital outlay is required to become a floral designer.

Smart people are learning floral art to open their own flower shops. They know that floral designing is one way that they can own their own business and profit from their efforts.

Smart people are learning floral art to run alternative kinds of floral operations The floral field lends itself well to "home based", "loft based" or "by appointment only" floral designers. Many people find that going after parties, and weddings can supplement their income, while they may continue to hold their current job situations, should they desire it. Many folks find that floral designing allows them to deal with family responsibilities, yet still have a satisfying creative outlet and earn money.

Smart people are using floral art to retool in a constantly shifting economy. Knowledge of a second career empowers you. It means that you are less at the mercy of your boss or company in a constantly changing economic climate. Many people like to have floral skills under their belt "just in case..." You may never need those skills, but isn't it better to be one step ahead of your company???

Allied Professionals are using floral art skills to enhance the products and services they are already providing. Floral Designing provides very versatile skills that can add to allied professional's earning power!!! If you are an allied professional you will find that the more products and services that you can provide for your customers, the more they will turn to you for your expertise, and the more money you may make!! Floral skills can help you meet their needs and your own!

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